Provide trips with potential to transform, teach and result in unique experiences for our customers.
Our Essence


Focus on community - External

We are always studying ways of impacting the communities of the destinations we offer in a positive way with our tours.

Focus on community - Internal

Our employees need to be satisfied, happy and being well rewarded to act as brand ambassadors. Our core elements are: training, participative management, health safety and happy work environment.

Encourages physical exposure

Our customers always have the opportunity and are encouraged to try some physical activity during their trip. The idea is that they have contact with activities that encourage new forms of mobility and lifestyle.


Life in the cities conducts us to an accelerated and focused pace - between tasks and goals - in external elements. Time is short for an inner look, attentive to the recreational needs and opportunities to explore and try new things. Therefore Gondwana intends to lift people out of inertia and put them into spaces and movements that allow full presence and surrender.

These situations provide contact with limits, awakening primitive sensations – sometimes unaware to the big cities - and memories of a simpler life in contact with something bigger.


For us small details make the difference. That is why we are always monitoring the quality of our services and destinations. Our tours are carefully prepared by experienced professionals who love to travel, which have explored intensely particular destinations in search of best practices and are always looking for new ideas to provide a unique experience to each customer.

Encourages conservation

We map the conservation projects that exist at the offered destinations to support them in any way.

We also look for local partners that are implementing or already have a sustainable policies plan to their business.

Encourages local culture

We always try to identify key people in the communities of the offered destinations to provide local experiences with art, crafts, food, music and gastronomy.


Traveling is a fantastic opportunity for transformation, which brings new perspectives, insights, discoveries, experiences and learnings. These elements stimulate and enable people to peel off from what doesn’t serve anymore and bring the new into their lives.

Specialist in South Brazil

Although working with various national and international destinations, we are pioneers in operating tours by the coastal area of Paraná and we have extensive knowledge and experience in the South.


Daniela Meres

Aries, 36
Tourism specialist

Nothing needs to be certain, similar, better, worse or different. Things just need to be true. They need to come from everyone’s hearts. And this is what I feel and reassure in every trip I take. There are many things, places and people out there to meet. I wish we can learn how to pack lightly and leave behind what is no longer needed so we can search for what brings renovation.

  • Inspiration:

    Meeting people and listening to life stories
  • Soundtrack for life: from the movie:

    Into the Wild
  • The ideal trip:

    Going into nature with my kids
  • An adventure:

    Trekking in the mountains

Marcela Kovalhuk

Leo, 22
Incoming Department (Operations)

Born in Curitiba with a degree in Hospitality and Events. Future tourism specialist and and adventurer at heart. Still unaware of the best way of being happy other than travelling and going to the mountains.

  • Craziest activity ever done:

    Abismo Anhumas in Bonito, Brazil
  • Best mountain:

    All those located in the Paraná Mountain Range, Brazil
  • Soundtrack for life:

    Allright - Supergrass
  • Best sensation:

    Being happy

Renatha Caggiano

Libra, 24 years old
Incoming Department (Operations)

“The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences and there is no greater happiness than a changing horizon, each day with a new and different sun.” (MCCANDLES, Chirstopher)

  • Best book:

    "1984", George Orwell
  • Soundtrack for life:

    "Metamorfose Ambulante", Raul Seixas
  • The ideal trip:

    The one that brings the most learning
  • An adventure:


Elaine Rocha

cancer, 40 years old

"There are three things that remain: The certainty that we are always beginning ... The certainty that we must continue ... The certainty that we will be interrupted before ending ... Therefore, we must: Make the interruption a new path. .. From the fall, a step of dance ... From fear, a ladder ... From the dream, a bridge .. From the search, an encounter ... "(Fernando Pessoa)

  • The ideal trip :

    The one that turns dream into reality
  • An adventure :

    To live
  • Hobby:

  • Natural element:


Vanessa Silva

Travel Specialist
Outbound department

Every trip is a discovery and we search to organise tours that allow everyone to make the most of the opportunities of exploration of nature and local culture, living the present moment, personal development and self learning.

  • To relax:

    Poetries by Manoel de Barros
  • Hobby:

  • Natural element:

  • Philosophy of live:

    Live the present moment

Camila Barp

Aquarius, 35
Tourism specialist and traveller

Explore destinations is to explore life. Venture. Harnessing accidental encounters. Taste exotic flavors . Enjoy the colors , since each place has its special palette. Swap stories and live coexisting . Visit with the heart and soul . Find places to discover .

  • Soundtrack for life:

    David Bowie
  • The ideal trip:

    The one that is happening at the moment
  • An adventure:

    Adventure, from latin “ad venture”, literally means what is about to come. To participate in an activity of adventure is to be prepared to whatever comes.
  • Having traveler 's soul is:

    Being curious and courageous

Claudia Orelli

Virgo, 32 years
sociologist, nomadic

To travel is discovering new worlds, new cultures, new food, new people and at the same time is discovering a new part of you.

  • Soundtrack

    Everything is gonna be alright - Bob Marley
  • Ideal trip

    The one that makes you happy
  • Best sensation

  • Life's motto

    "There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way." (Thich Nhat Hanh)

Marco Sieber

Travel Specialist, 1987

“Do what the locals do! At a glance, I am always keen to learn about places and their cultures and explore them with the locals; because I think that they are the real experts of their home no matter how often we look at the guide book in our suitcase or backpack. My philosophy is to go out and listen to them, be interested in their life, hang out with them and eventually gain authenticity”

  • Soundtrack :

    Do it
  • Ideal trip :

    Trip: Spearfishing Arapaimas with natives in the amazon, stay with them and enjoy the meal with the hole group
  • Adventure :

    Stay out in the woods, cut down trees and build houses. Make own bread and have a bath under a massive oak tree in an actual bath tub (heated by real fire).
  • Book :

    The lord of the rings